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After the original file got eaten i decided to try and redo my “Star trek- So I Lied…” poster to make it a bit more interesting.
Star trek- So I lied…

After the original file got eaten i decided to try and redo my “Star trek- So I Lied…” poster to make it a bit more interesting.

Star trek- So I lied…

Two new shirts for redbubble.

Digimon- Koromon

Tech- Power

Once i get Inkscape working and i learn how to use it i plan to make a few more symbol based shirts with things like the USB icon, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi.

approximately 1 hours work in 3ds max 2014 (i need to keep better timer records).

The past few days have found me writing alot of Pacific rim fan fiction ideas. tonight however i took these ideas and make quick sketches of four of my Jaeger designs and two of the Kaiju (I will upload these later). after sketching them i decided to try my hand at once again rapidly modeling a quick version of them in max. this tiem however it came out quite successful!

This is Taronga’s Revenge, a Mk.2 Australian Jaeger. Commissioned after the 4th Kaiju incursion. On September 2nd, 2014, Scissure attacked and devastated the northern parts of Sydney, only being finally defeated by a second nuclear missile. As a result the northern part of the city was quarantined off due to Nuclear radiation and the toxic Kaiju blood known as Kaiju Blue.

Taronga’s Revenge is named for a world famous Zoo that was destroyed during the battle that housed hundreds of important and endangered animal species.

The jaeger is a tripod design, utilizing three highly mobile shock absorbing legs to traverse difficult terrain safely and give it a firm footing when engaged in combat. its special attack makes use of its 360 degree spinning waste, and the unit can spin rapidly while dealing out a flurry of punches. as a finishing touch, Taronga can deploy a ‘killing prod’ from either of its gauntlets: a 10m pole that can be electrified with high voltage current supplied from Taronga’s nuclear reactor. it was first deployed at the Sydney Shatterdome from August 3rd, 2015.

So after seeing some cool graphics again tonight I decided to try my own minimalist sort of pixley glitch kinda thing… that got away from me there.

Anyway, I made myself a new desktop wallpaper above. Then because it was pretty simple to do so, I converted the design into a T-shirt for Redbubble

Digimon - No Such Thing As Monsters, red

that Digimon ring. Is that a 3d model? say... something that could be 3d printed?

I have experimented with 3d printing it through the website “shapeways”, but with mixed results. it is difficult to get the sizing accurate, and when printed using the default cheap material as a test, the definition wasnt high enough to identify the digicode. I do plan on making one for myself, but i need to investigate how it will turn out before i spend enough money on it

Three new shirts and a poster today.

Star Trek- “Deceive”

Star Trek- “Prevail”

Star Trek- “In the Pale Moonlight”

and the poster:

Star Trek- “So i lied…”

I’m going to give the star trek shirts a bit of a rest unless i get any specific requests. Some of the further emblems get more obscure. And i’ve done enough about the magnificent DS9 episode “In the Pale Moonlight” for now.

Four new shirts hitting my redbubble store today!

Star Trek- Honour

I’m going to start remaking that old poster series i did into shirts. here is the proud warrior race known as the Klingons.

Star Trek- Resist

more of a challenge than a summation, the borg are an ever present threat or escape, depending on your view.

Thunderbirds- IR

a simple shirt emblazoned with the proud International Rescue logo

Thunderbirds- I’m going to count to five

a twist on the IR logo. whenever they counted down in thunderbirds they always counted down from five.

A short video edit i made last night combining the Star Trek Deep Space 9 episode “Sacrifice of Angels” with various songs from the Kill La Kill anime soundtrack. It also includes many sound effects i had to add back in.

another hour or so on the design. Additions are the hollowed out cargo bay and retractable (animated) sliding covers. this allows the Jaeger to be closer to the waterline, lowering the ship’s center of gravity and making it far more stable. Also the Jaeger is shielded form weather conditions and can be worked on without interruption should the need arise.

Another change i made was to remove four of the helipads, and to move two more of them further astern. this was initially because they collided with the doors of the Jaeger bay, but upon reflection it was unnecessary. Helicopter can not be safely and reliably stored upon helipads on a ship like this for any extended period of time, and need their own dedicated support ship for those needs. So I’ve decided that a Wasp-class amphibious assault ship would accompany this vessel, and that CH-53E Super Stallions would b used for life (they are actually rated to lift more than Chinooks).

The hull was also adapted to remove the inward bulging form the length of the ship. later i’ll find more references for how the bow and stern should look.

And finally i’ve given the ship a name:
Jaeger Mobile Launch Platform USNS Over The Rainbow (T-75)

a short animation describing how a Jaeger would be launched from the mobile sea carrier